Pre-Season Training

For Clubs, Schools or Coaches seeking to implement the Spanish Youth System.

Working hard during pre-season will produce better results during the competition. These results will not be immediate and is also dependant on how long players will train during pre-season. Physical and fitness training is important but the tactical training is much more important and critical. In Football Movement we focus in the equilibrium between these two aspects providing tactical and physical preparation during the course of pre-season.

The main objective of Planning Pre-Season Training is that players give the best of themselves during the training sessions. It is also the time to work in the bonding of the team whereby all players believe in and work for the team. A key area of focus is that there are no individuals within a team, every individual player is necessary and has a key role to play.

A point of difference of Football Movements Physical Training is that it is all combined with ball. In order to play football the team needs the ball to be involved in every exercise. It is a big mistake to have the mindset that pre-season is only to condition and prepare the physically.